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Emitter & Inserts

VpCI™ Emitter and inserts provide exceptional adsorption and even provide protection for recessed areas. Inserts are applicable to virtually any packaging system. They come in Emitters, pouches or tablets and protect electrical and electronic equipment during manufacturing, storage, shipping, operation, and shutdown.

VpCI™-111 Plastic Emitter

Unique dual action: desiccant and VpCI protection.

Tyvek® breathable membrane, plastic cartridge filled with nitrite free VpCI, for multimetal protection. Comes with adhesive backing and is individually packaged in plastic. The VpCI-111 emitters are compact to fit modern electronic enclosures 2.3" (58 mm) in diameter and 1.27" (32 mm) high. Use one emitter for 11 cu. ft. (311 l) of enclosed
space. VpCI -111 NSN 6850-01-408-9025

  • adhesive backing
  • no powder contamination
  • suitable for clean rooms

Cor-Pak® 1 MUL Breathable Pouches

Tyvek® breathable membrane filled with multimetal VpCI (1-MUL). For applications where powder contamination is not acceptable. GSA 8030-01-208-1769.
  • no powder contamination
  • easy to use

Cor-Pak® VpCI Tablets

All purpose VpCI for multimetal applications. Insert into packages. Nitrite free, non-polluting, for non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Conforms to MIL I-22110C