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High Performance Coatings

All Cortec® coatings deliver exceptional protection, even in extreme outdoor industrial, marine, or tropical environment.

Cortec’s complex formulations of non-toxic, organic inhibitors offer protection far exceeding most paints, primers, and solvent-based products. These unique, water-based coatings pose no threat to personnel or environment. They offer outstanding permanent or temporary protection even in harsh, unsheltered applications.

In many cases, one coat serves both as a primer and a top coat providing temporary shipping protection or years of demanding outdoor industrial marine protection. Little or no surface preparation is required for many applications.

When Cortec® coatings are used as primers only, other topcoats may be applied without loosing VpCI™ protection. In most cases Cortec® coatings are available in stock and custom colors, having UV protection.

For immersion services, epoxy formulations wide VpCI™ Technology are available for applications like ballast tanks, pumps, pipelines and structural steel.