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Corrosion Inhibitting Additives

Our custom VpCIâ„¢ corrosion inhibiting additives offer a new world of production and marketing possibilities. Cortec's additive technology allows you to economically add VpCIâ„¢ corrosion inhibiting properties to coatings, water treatment formulations, plastics, elastomers, adhesives, working fluids, etc.

VpCIâ„¢ additives are a sound business investment. Because they increase the corrosion protection capability of the products, VpClâ„¢ add, significant value for the customers and essential credibility for reaching new markets.

VpCI™ Technology protects continuously and is self-replenishing for uninterrupted protection in contact and vapor phase. Because Cortec's products do not contain chromates or other heavy metals, nitrites or chlorinated hydrocarbons, their are safe to use and environmentally friendly. Cortec® VpCI™ additives, eliminate the need for expensive alloys, platings, stainless steel, or corrosion resistant metals and materials.

Application Range

VpCI™ additives can be added to stretch and polyethylene films, antistatic bags, corrugated plastic containers, injection molded parts, coatings, adhesives, sealants, polymers, plastics, inks, lubricants, fuels, concrete, etc. The VpCI™ applications are almost endless.

Most elastomers are, at best, inert in relation to metals, when and often accelerate the corrosion of metals in contact. With Cortec’s revolutionary VpCI™ technology, standard elastomers are easily and economically transformed into safe, constant and thorough protection for any metal or alloy.

VpCI™ additives are suitable for liquid polymeric systems such as paint coatings, emulsions, inks, extrusion grade polymers, elastomers, injection molded plastics, etc.